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Instructor: Antony Lo, APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Master in Manual Therapy (UWA), B.App.Sc.(Physio)(USyd)


Audience: Medical or Fitness professionals who have already taken Female Athlete 1 with Antony Lo

Course Description: 

You’ve completed The Female Athlete Course – Level 1. You loved the material and have been Doing Something Different with your clients. Now you want to take the next step and learn more about how to help your female athletes – from assessment, to the principles which guide how you help your client.

The Female Athlete Course – Level 1 has always had 3 key objectives

  1. To raise awareness of women’s pelvic health issues in women who want to use moderate to high intensity means to achieve their goals
  2. To raise awareness of how exercise can be used to help women with pelvic heath issues (and diastasis).
  3. To raise awareness of our language in a biopsychosocial framework – to reduce fear and promote empowerment of women managing their own issues.

The Female Athlete Course – Level 2 will carry those same 3 key objectives.

Additional information about what’s in the timetable…

  1. Evidence review – brief points – studies included – on the following topics
    1. SUI
    2. POP
    3. DRAM
    4. Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Exercise
  2. Consult and Exercise Principles Parts 1 and 2
    1. Consult Principles
      1. Intake skills and communication
      2. Planning your assessment
      3. Conducting Your Assessment
      4. Session Summary for your client
    2. Exercise Principles for women with PFD / DRAM / AN / PN
      1. 1-on-1
      2. Group classes
      3. Language
    3. A Reflection Sheet about these principles will be provided for use on Day 2 as well as a checklist for feedback during Consults 1 and 2
  3. Exercise Modifications By Principles Part 1 and 2
    1. Review of Lower Body and Abs from Level 1
    2. Upper body Examples
    3. Oly Movements
  4. Helpful and unhelpful beliefs and treatments and what to do about them
    1. Dealing with myths and how to change beliefs of both the professional and client
    2. How to work as a professional who was trained in lots of different ways
    3. How to reframe what your “toolbox” looks like

Antony and his team are very excited to bring this course to you and hope you are just as excited as they are in taking part.

We look forward to seeing you in this course. Book now to secure your place!

What people are saying about Antony Lo’s classes: 

“This in-person training was a game changer for me! I feel much more confident knowing when to progress my female athletes. The concepts were explained and presented well and this trip was an extremely good use of my time and resources. I loved connecting with the other coaches and PTs – all the attendees were kind and approachable which made it a wonderful learning environment!”

“This course challenged my thinking in ways that at first seemed scary and now feel productive and inspiring. I will leave this course challenging my stories, and seeking to “do something different”. I have new goals for myself and my clients and have a renewed focus in the gym. I had many “A-ha!” moments that I think will help me reduce pain and injury in myself, and serve my clients to grow as athletes.”

“We’ve all heard the saying “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. I’ve been a PT x 19 years and am happy when a course challenges what I’ve been taught previously and therefore changes the way I then practice going forward. This course did just that! And I loved the patient demos assessing DRA in supine and with activity. The assistants were wonderful- loved having off the cuff discussions with them/ Q&A. Also loved having at least 50% of the class as fitness professionals, it’s so great to come together and learn how to speak the same language. I highly recommend Antony Lo’s course and look forward to learning from his and the team in the future!”

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