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Antony Lo The Physio Detective Sydney, Australia Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Master in Manual Therapy (UWA) B.App.Sc.(Physio)(USyd)



Have you ever felt that you could be doing better for your female clients? As a health or fitness professional, you have a lot of the pelvic health knowledge you need to help your clients but they just don’t seem to be responding or achieving their dream goals. Sure, their symptoms have improved a bit but they still can’t run, jump, lift heavy weights or take part in what they want to do. They might be ante-natal, post-natal or never been pregnant – they may have incontinence, pelvic-organ prolapse, and/or diastasis. You might have been taught that these high impact, high load exercises and activities are “bad” things to do, and certainly, not everyone can go back to doing these things…

…but what if we were taught things that aren’t quite true, that the evidence doesn’t seem to support?

I have found that it took a major rethink of my whole approach to Physiotherapy to help my clients achieve their dream goals, within minutes, not weeks. I started challenging what I believed and was taught, examined the evidence, and listened to my clients. In short, I had to change the model I was working with because too many clients weren’t getting truly better.

Research actually tells us this is true – systematic reviews have shown that the things we thought were useful aren’t actually doing what we thought – they don’t work for the reasons we thought! We know that “modalities” – all of them for back pain – don‘t really work better than anything else, but all are better than doing nothing. Some might be better in combinations but there’s not enough evidence for that yet.

Not only that, but the evidence on how much pressure is exerted on the pelvic floor (Intraabdominal Pressure or IAP) is not what we were traditionally led to believe. Things like crunches are less pressure on average on the pelvic floor than simply standing out of a chair!

Since 40% of women will have pelvic organ prolapse, around 50% of women who exercise suffer from incontinence, and 1 in 7 to 1 in 3 women will suffer from pelvic pain during their lifetime, don’t you think they deserve to have a fighting chance at doing the things they truly want to do?

Let me tell you about Vicki, an attendee of The Female Athlete Course, just like this one you are going to sign up for. Vicki is a fitness professional who developed pelvic organ prolapse and suffered from the symptoms quite terribly. She had been doing everything she could to try to educate herself and help herself and her clients. She was unable to even lift up 16kg (35lbs) without feeling the symptoms. She felt quite hopeless and that her exercise, an outlet for her, was unable to be done again like she used to, like she needed to.

During the consult, Vicki disclosed many things which were quite upsetting for her. Listening to her story in full was so important for her – she needed to be heard. By demonstrating to her that she could lift 16kg (35lbs) without symptoms in less than a minute gave her hope and encouragement. By showing her throughout the course that she can do things she didn’t think was possible, she was able to finish the weekend with a deadlift of 70kg (155lbs) without any symptoms at all.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. It happens all the time and I get emails and messages from previous attendees all the time, telling me how they have been using what they learned on the course and how it has been changing lives.

You are already a good therapist or fitness professional. You already change people’s lives. I genuinely want to acknowledge that. But you want to be better. You want to help more people. You want to learn more about how to do the things I did with Vicki.

That’s what this course does.

This course has lots of experiential learning and practical application…

What this course is not is more “tools in the toolbox”. No! This course is about radically challenging your beliefs, simplifying the model we use, and then applying it to our clients. You might not actually change the things you do, but I hope you change the reasons why you do them!

I have a mission to change the world for women – to be able to truly empower them to do the most they can, to achieve their dreams, to live life the way they want to, without fear or hesitation. To do that, I need help – I need health and fitness professionals to join with me to make this a reality.

Will you join me on this mission to change the world? I would love to have you on the team!


  • There is pretty much nothing in the world like this course. It tells female athletes, “Yes you can.” We need to empower women and tell them that it is ok to do the things they love. It is OUR job to show them how. This course will show you how to do that safely and effectively.
  • I have been doing pediatrics for the past 7 years.. got ready for a change of scenery and decided to get back into orthopedics and women’s health.  I went to a women’s health course through the APTA and another course and left feeling a little disappointed. Everyone really encourage only low impact and overly cautious treatment for women’s health,  especially postpartum. But in my experience women had taken that advice very hard and still continued to run or do high intensity fitness. So this class was a much needed break from that and really gave me back my excitement for women’s health again. As a mom of 2, both being C sections, I would have died if my OB or PT told me not to run or CrossFit.  Luckily my OB was awesome and got me back running 2 weeks post partum (even after c sections) and told me to continue CrossFit while listening to my body. I wanted to be like her. Not killing the idea of fitness in postpartum mothers or thinking that all I could do was clam shells or bridges for 6-8 weeks. My healing was incredibly fast and I have no issues with DRA or SUI.  If I had gone slow and taken 4-6 months to get back into running or high intensity fitness like most OB’s/PT’s suggest I think I would have lost my mind and my healing would have been so much slower. Women are awesome and we should help them do what they want to do… not restrict! I loved this common theme in this class.
  • I’m a coach, mom of two children, and an athlete. Antony helped me realize that I could calm the heck down. I’m doing a good job and with his knowledge, I learned new techniques to treat myself and my athletes in a new light.
  • The Female Athlete course exceeded my expectations. The course was designed well and presented by amazing people with powerful messages. It wasn’t just about female athleticism, it was about giving women power to do the things they love- things they may have thought they would never do again symptom-free. I learned how to support my clients in reaching their goals, whatever they may be, in a positive way.
  • What a fantastic weekend! Antony’s presentation of the material allowed for tons of interaction and time to rethink old ways of doing things to make way for trying something different. I’ve already begun to incorporate some of the ideas in my private women’s health PT practice! Thank you, Physio Detective and Pelvic Guru!
  • I was so impressed with the course in every aspect and really took away so much more than I expected to. And it’s practical shit! Theory and research is great but when you’re seeing women every single day in the fitness world, we need things that work and work in the moment. And we need the chance as professionals to do things that may work and be in situations in which we don’t HAVE to be right all the time!!!!
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