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Pelvic Guru carefully vets partners before forming a relationship, for more information about this process, visit our advertising policy. With the help of partners, Pelvic Guru is often able to provide discounts and special rates for many of the products, courses, and other resources.

Meet the Pelvic Guru Partners

MUTU System

MUTU System is a program designed to help mothers strengthen their core and pelvic floor post-childbirth. Tracy Sher is both a medical advisor and a certified MUTU professional.

Here's an opportunity to access the full MUTU System -  the medically
 recommended online 
exercise program for postpartum.


Through our partnership with MedBridge, you can purchase courses individually (see full course list) or as part of an annual membership. When you purchase an annual membership, you gain access to:

  • 500+ accredited courses for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants (40 courses on Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation)
  • Certification Prep Programs for the SCS, OCS, & GCS
  • Customizable HEP featuring 5,000+ exercises
  • Patient education tools including 250+ videos and handouts
  • Clinician CEU and Patient HEP mobile apps*

Annual subscriptions starting at $200 when you use the promo code: PELVICguru.



Strengthen your pelvic floor for fewer leaks within weeks using the No. 1 kegel trainer worldwide! Click here learn more, purchase, and receive 10% off your order with code: PELVICFLOOR.

Squatty Potty


Using Squatty Potty helps you reduce strain by relaxing the puborectalis muscle and unlinking your colon. The Squatty Potty puts you into a natural squatting position for better elimination.

Julie Wiebe PT

Julie Wiebe is a physical therapist who specializes in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy. She shares her evidence-based, integrative approach internationally with both professionals and women through live and online educational programs.

The Pregnancy Club

Marika Hart brings women together through The Pregnancy Club. This group is a premiere physiotherapist-designed program that helps moms-to-be through the pregnancy journey. In the online program, you receive curated videos, education sessions, and gain access to a dynamic community there to support you in each step from pregnancy to delivery.

Your Pace Yoga

Dustienne Miller CYT, PT, MS, WCS is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic health. She created gentle yoga videos as a tool to empower pelvic pain sufferers to practice yoga from the comfort of their own home. Her programs are designed to help support the medical treatment of bladder pain, urinary urgency, vulvar pain, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, penis pain, perineal pain, tailbone pain, constipation, prolapse, and incontinence.

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