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We created a Pelvic Health Screening Tool for you!

Pelvic Health Screening Tool for YOU

Sometimes at Pelvic Global, LLC (Pelvic Global) we wonder, “What could we do to make the lives of pelvic health providers and people seeking pelvic health a little bit better?” This screening tool was one of our answers!

For providers, you can use this as a screening tool for clients that you think might benefit from it, or to get a more thorough picture of their pelvic health needs. 

For everyone else, this tool could be really helpful for you to fill out and take it in to your pelvic health providers (PT, OT, Urology, Gynecology, Primary Care, etc) and let them know you have some concerns that need to be addressed. 

Pelvic Health Screening Tool preview of the download


Are you new to this idea of pelvic physical therapy?  

Check out our blog, “What to Expect at Pelvic PT/OT”


Are you a provider who is just getting started with pelvic PT and you want to see if it’s something you’d like to further explore? We’ve got just the course for you!

Pelvic Health Foundations with Terri Robertson Elder

This course is beneficial for those who are in a position to screen for pelvic health dysfunction (Physicians, PAs and NPs, RNs, fitness professionals, as well as other rehab pros) and need to know when to refer, as well as helpful information and strategies that can be offered immediately. This course is especially helpful for PTs and OTs interested in or new to the pelvic health field. For individuals who want information and strategies to optimize their own pelvic health, especially as it relates to managing symptoms during exercise, this course is for you, too!

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